Engraving Day 2 on Shapeoko

Posted by Tom Burns on

Engraving day 2 on Shapeoko went better. I did a bunch of things to make it go better:

I levelled my waste board.  I used a depth of 0.05" and which was deep enough, but still easily done in 1 pass.  The first time I tried the levelling cut I learned of a new mistake I had made.  I did not give my z-axis motor wires enough freedom, which caused the whole carriage to jump back when it started reaching the furthest points on the work surface.  So I also had to move my arduino + motor controller into a better position to give more slack in the wires overall.

I noticed that my second y-axis motor wasn't actually secured onto it's gear, so it was not actually increasing my y-axis stiffness. Derp.  So I tightened that.  This also explains why my first emoji poop cut was able to lag so much back in early December.

I used a 1-stroke font with the Hershey inkscape plugin (as I talked about last time).

Pretty happy with the results!


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