Engraving Day 4 on Shapeoko: Back to wood

Posted by Tom Burns on

After my post on milling HDPE on the Shapeoko CNC I wanted to try making a thinner "top layer" than 0.05".  So I painted some wood and some acrylic:

 Yesterday I had a chance to cut and engrave those painted pieces.  When cutting the acrylic to 4"x6" size it.. stank.  Like, "death by poison" stank.  I looked into it a bit more and decided to avoid milling acrylic.  It's tough, ruins bits, melts, stinks, etc, etc.  Not worth it.  Even though it would have been cool to have semi-transparent engravings that I could illuminate with a CNC, it's not worth the pain of dealing with stuff that gives me headaches (and probably cancer).

So, I stuck to the wood I painted.  I put two results up for sale:



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